I came across “New Faces of Hunger - Dan’s Story” posted by the Greater Boston Food Bank on YouTube. The story begins with a regular family in Boston, a father and his son are brushing their teeth together in the bathroom. The scene pans to the outside of their home and then to a school bus where the father drops his son off for a day of school. It’s a beautiful day outside. The music in the background is quiet but present. I am immediately interested in this family’s story. As it turns out, Dan was a chef who had to quit his job when he was diagnosed with malignant melanoma. The Boston Food Bank was the family’s greatest resource while they were going through a difficult time. Toward the end the music is louder and more hopeful and we see images of Dan grocery shopping and cooking in his home. This video was a simple, emotional, and a real use of storytelling. The message is easy to understand and communicates to the audience the simple idea of donating to the food bank. I found it emotional because of the music’s tone and relatability of the story. You feel for the pain the family has had to endure because they represent thousands of families that experience these hardships every day. They could easily be my family, or yours. They show images of food to remind us that food is not a resource we all have access to.  And finally, the story is real. It doesn’t feel contrived or overdrawn, but rather an honest recounting of a man’s illness and the surrounding struggles of a family. I imagine a story such as this one would have gotten a positive response from donors to the Boston Food Bank.