Brand Identity

The Mission Continues is a storytelling organization. Visit the homepage of their website and you are greeted by the organization’s mission- to empower veterans to find purpose through community impact. On the left hand side of the page you will find ways to get involved. Phrases like “join a platoon” and “reporting for duty in your community” immediately jump out at me as strategic calls to action for those who connect and identify with these military phrases. The logo in the top left corner is a shield and patch encircling an eagle - familiar symbols of heritage, strength and resilience.  A few clicks down an inspirational video gets to the very heart of the message and highlights the veterans, the soul of the organization.

The video captures the sentiment in bold white letters, “our communities are facing deep challenges. Veterans possess the desire to serve again and are uniquely equipped with the skills to tackle these challenges” It’s simple concept to understand and because as humans we all live in communities that face a wide array of challenges, the message resonates easily across most audiences. Do you want to learn more about what the organization does? Because that too is an easy click away. Simply visit their blog which has regular updates on service projects being done. The most apparent feature of the Mission Continues is transparency and accountability through a heightened element of storytelling. The organization wants to know the people they work with, what impact they will have, and why they are involved. They encourage pictures and videos of the work their volunteers are doing and they thrive on the stories they learn from the people who take time out of their lives to serve. I am reminded of organizations like Charity: Water which is revered for their transparency and accountability through the use of visuals and impactful storytelling.