Digital Face

When you Google “The Mission Continues,” the recognizable logo at the top of the page will immediately catch your attention. In terms of major search engines, they are well positioned and unmistakably easy to locate. Also impressive is the host of organized subheadings, complete with a donate button, available to click on (through Google) where you can be directed to the corresponding area of the site. I did all of this using my phone, by the way. The website itself is generally simple to navigate, although it does feature a lot of information on its homepage and might be a bit overwhelming at first glance. I’m immediately intrigued by the powerful images of volunteers at the top and as I scroll through the homepage (still on my phone) I see about 30% of the page is made up of images and the rest is text. I appreciate that they feature a full-length video about their organization right on the homepage of their website, however this is much easier to locate on my computer- on a mobile device the thumbnail videos completely disappear and its easy to scroll right past it.  Where the Mission Continues falls short is by not taking advantage of social media platforms to highlight their work. Their Instagram for example isn’t connected to their website at all and their Facebook and Twitter, while updated regularly, only have a few likes and a few reposts each. A nice feature of their homepage if you manage to make your way down to the bottom, is that you can access their blog and read stories about things like their service projects, partners, and mass deployment ambassadors.